cafe tamariba

cafe tamariba

cafe tamariba

Cafe Tamariba is a gathering place, “a hangout” where people can interact and revitalize the city. Activities to include live performances, workshops, marriage activities, etc.

Please experience the encounters beginning with "cafe tamariba" Various usages are possible throughout a day.

Come for a coffee, lunch, a few drinks, or perhaps even banquet. Relax, rest, and enjoy the ambience here in downtown Katsuta.

And if you need to get some work done, charge a device, ... there’s free Wi-Fi and power outlets.

Cafe&Dining cafe tamariba

A place to rest for everyone

At Cafe Tamariba, we will foster a networking of like-minded people. Their interactions can foster revitalizations within the city while conveying an importance of its history and culture “TA MA RI BA”.

A variety of people aiming to energize the city of Hitachinaka together can congregate here through various events (check required).

There are outlets and a parking lot

We also have outlets for PC work away from home. Please feel free to use for work on your PC or charging your smartphone. In addition, it is fully equipped with a parking lot "Omotecho parking TA, MA, RI, BA". We also welcome you by car. (10 seconds on foot from the restaurant)

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March 2020 (last updated - Mar. 1)NEW

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