Greeting - Hitachinaka Machizukuri Inc.


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Greeting The president of Hitachinaka Machizukuri Inc. Osamu Ono

Hitachinaka Machizukuri Inc. was established on April 1st, 2015. The company was founded by those who wish to make the city of Hitachinaka and its downtown more fun and energetic. We decided that, by the wisdom, courage and cooperative support, we should make our town even better than what it is now.

The first step towards the creation of Hitachinaka Machizukuri Inc. was the Hitachinaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry felt the need to create a unique project geared towards community development. The Hitachinaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, using surveys from the public market, an evaluation of the current shopping district, and also the needs of the citizens, decided it was time to take action and form Hitachinaka Machizukuri Inc.

At first this company is focusing on revitalizing downtown Hitachinaka near Katsuta Station, but eventually we aim to spread to Nakaminato, Sawa, and the entire district of Hitachinaka.

We actively promote various businesses to help decrease the amounts of vacant stores in the shopping district. We also want to contribute in creating a balance in profitability and public use.

Hitachinaka Machizukuri Inc. plans work on local issues with flexibility and publicity, while also following up various town development activities as a community development company.

As a group that loves Hitachinaka city and has big dreams, we are all determined to support community development in cooperation with local companies, administrations, and citizens alike.

The president of Hitachinaka Machizukuri Inc.
Osamu Ono