Hitachinaka Machizukuri Inc.

Support Message

Hitachinaka Machizukuri Inc. is a company that carries out the human and town development in cooperation with the Hitachinaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We believe in building up our town through the town to make it more exciting!

The president of the Hitachinaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Yoshio Suzuki

Hitachinaka Machizukuri Inc.

TA-MA- RI-BA is a place where people and smiles abound!

Hitachinaka Machizukuri Inc. was established on April 1st, 2015. The company was founded by those who wish to make the city of Hitachinaka and its downtown more fun and energetic. We decided that, by the wisdom, courage and cooperative support, we should make our town even better than what it is now.

Business policy

We promote businesses that we think can be a source of delight for everyone based on the company's philosophy, mission, goals and action model, from the perspectives of citizens, government, and companies which we think Hitachinaka city needs.

Corporate philosophy

We produce TA-MA-RI-BA where we can, through learning the history and culture of others to connect with both each other and share our new ideas.

Company’s Information

Company name Hitachinaka Machizukuri Inc.
Address 2nd floor 8-8 Omotemachi, Hitachinaka-city, Ibaraki 312-0047
Telephone 029-353-3181
Fax 029-353-3182
The President Osamu Ono

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